Fashionista segment pays such high prices for designer clothing

Why do you think the fashionista segment pays such high prices for designer clothing with the knowledge that it will be passé after the current season?

Discussion 5.2

If you were to take your company global, which three countries would be your first targets and why? What kinds of strategies and products fit with those countries’ segments of customers?

Discussion 6.1

If you had to reach a customer segment of “tweens” (kids between 8 and 12 years old), which medium would you choose? What about for men in their 30s? Women in their 60s? In which medium would you advertise if you ran one of your city’s performing arts centers?

Discussion 6.2

Download ads from your favorite websites, or rip up your favorite magazine, and classify any five ads according to whether you think they’re aiming to achieve a cognitive, emotional, or behavioral goal. Which ad do you like the most? Did any stimulate you to learn more about the brand?

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