Family and Social Policy

Family and Social Policy

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A 2500 word report (+/-10%) that discusses the vocational element of the unit by investigating your setting’s policies on children and families’ welfare and how the setting manages individual needs through it’s policy on care and the provision of wellbeing:

In so far as this assignment is intended to enable you to demonstrate what you have learnt from the module as a whole:

• Introduce your role and setting/community
• Explain the causes of poverty in the UK and your community
• Assess the experiences of poverty in your community and how it is measured – relative, absolute, subjective, objective and evaluate the impact on families and specific groups e.g. class, gender, ethnicity and compare this to the UK as a whole
• Assess the sociological explanations for poverty e.g. functionalist, Marxist etc…
• Examine the anti poverty initiatives in your setting (local policies) and their impact (on families/individuals) compare this to the UK and another EU country
• Examine UK policy changes and compare this to another EU country
This assignment should be written in the third person
Assignments should be word-processed, not hand written and referenced using the standard format.
As with ALL your written assignments, you must use the Harvard system of referencing to cite your sources in the body of your paper. Your work should include at least ten different academic sources, one of which should be a journal article.

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