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During undergrad I was a victim of constant stalking leading me to have a bad accident. Determined to graduate and complete my degree it lead me to make poor academic choices. The accident occurred early into the semester and rather than graduating I allowed the pain and trauma to overtake me and my focus was no longer on school. Aware that I might loose my scholarship should I take a semester off, I remained in school. A poor academic choice on my part leading to a low GPA further causing me to be dismissed from the university. I was able to overcome it, and realize my poor academic choices and transferred to a different university in a different state. I would not allow this to stop me from obtaining my degree. I learned that it is ok to stop and seek help, and its ok if things don’t go as expected and that nothing leads to making poor decisions. My poor decision lead me to compromise my future and delayed things, but my determination to complete my degree wasn’t going to get the best of me. I have since learned shortcuts only lead to failure and shortcuts shouldn’t be taken. ( i need to explain this in an essay)

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