Executive Interview & Analysis Paper.

Executive Interview & Analysis Paper.

Executive Interview & Analysis Paper
This assignment requires you to conduct a semi-structured interview with a chosen executive and write an 8-10 page paper that summarizes your findings. Your chosen executive should have strategic decision-making responsibilities for a unit, division, department, or work team, or one who executes such duties within the organization. Ideally, your interviewee should be an executive-level manager in the organization, have been in such a leadership role for at least one year, and have P & L responsibility (or budgetary responsibility for non-profit organizations). The interview will seek to understand the executive’s approach to assessing his/her work unit’s performance (team, department, division, organization, etc.) through alignment of organization design dimensions (structure, job design, human resource systems, management style, etc.) and the operating environment. The interview will seek to uncover the executive’s priorities concerning organizational diagnosis or assessment through addressing questions such as: What are the critical drivers of his/her work unit’s performance?; How are changes in the operating environment monitored?; and What are the most significant challenges associated with maintaining alignment across organization design elements?

– The Executive manager name: Ahmedullah Abdul Hadi.
– His job title: General Manager of Giordano in Saudi Arabia.
– About Giordano: Giordano is a leading international retailer of apparel and accessories for men, women and children and operates in 40 countries across Asia, Australia, Africa, Canada, Central America, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Giordano is known in all of its markets for product quality and customer service. Understanding and respecting local cultures, the essence of Giordano is to provide fashion relevant to local customers. While maintaining international operating and product quality, Giordano also facilitates its branches to develop programs geared for local consumers. Giordano is a brand that understands customer needs. Its proprietary information system is used worldwide and links all shops to central and regional offices for analytics aiming at improving fashion designs and inventory management.

These are the interview questions answered by Ahmedullah.

1    What is your general approach to assessing the performance of your organization or work unit? What are the critical drivers of your organization’s or work unit’s performance?

In General the performance is assess based on Brand Positioning, Market Share, Customer Satisfaction Index and Financial viability. The critical drivers are measured using specific KPI’s under each segments.

2    How does your organization monitor changes taking place in your operating environment? Who is responsible for tracking changes in the external environment and how is this information shared internally? Please describe this process.

We monitor changes in operating environment in the following areas
A)      Administrative / legal
B)      Political
C)      Social and Cultural
D)     Technological
E)      New Trends
F)       Competition
Management / Head of each departments and Sales Managers are responsible to track the changes in external environment.
Information is shared and discussed during Weekly Meetings and Reports.

3    In what ways has the operating environment shifted over the past 5 years? What has been the biggest change(s) in the external environment? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the degree of uncertainty in the external environment?

Last Five year, changes have been very rapid specially in Retail Sector. Technology and Competition has brought in biggest changes in external environment. Omni Channel retailing has brought seamless approach to consumer thru all available channels. From brick-and-mortar retailing to brick and Click. Traditional store have become extension of the supply chain in which purchase may be made in store but pre researched thru all available channels of communication.
Uncertainty in External environment: What has worked earlier may not be any more relevant due to constant changes in external environment. Risk Management pays a vital role. Some key high risk area are….
a)    Geo political instability
b)    Changing consumer demand
c)     Increase Volatility of exchange rates
d)    Cyber security attacks
e)     Volatile  oil price

4    How does this information inform your unit’s operations? What do you do with this information? As a result of changes in the external environment, which of the following organizational changes (if any) have been initiated:

a. Organization structure and/or the nature of reporting relationships.

b. The way that jobs are designed; the desired performance outcomes of jobs (efficiency versus creativity/innovation)

c. The way you go about attracting the best employees and motivating/retaining
current employees.

d. The way you lead and manage people and teams; the primary leadership
competencies/skills that are critical for success.

Being proactive to external environment changes is vital then being reactive. Some external environment changes benefit such as technology and competition, which you incorporate in your business environment and increase market share and profitability.
Other external environment changes can managed consistent review of Risk assessment, redefining the process and control measures.
All Points mentioned below are very relevant in a given scenario.. all four components … organization structure / JD’s and KPI’s / Motivation and continues training and updating skills are key and ongoing process.

5 describe a specific example of when you initiated or were involved in a significant organizational change process. What prompted the change and how successful was the change process?

Recent shift in organization structure initiated professional approach at all levels. From day to day operations to implementing key initiatives and policies. Hence all members in the organization needs to adopt to the new changes in management style.
We adopted a systematic approach in implementing the change process.
a)    Defining the change process
b)    Communicating the change process
c)     Assigning responsibility for managing the change
d)    Defining KPI’s / setting new target and time frame
e)     Training and skill development to adopt the change

6    Is there anything else you can share with me about how your organization seeks to align with the external environment?

Anticipating and forecasting events in the external environment has the potential impact in business performance.  Continues evaluation of strategy thru reviews and meeting, monitoring the KPI’s. Building the effective and efficient and motivated team members are the key areas to focus while align the external environment.


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