Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal – Part C: Proposed Intervention and Expected Outcomes

Proposed Intervention: Outline your proposed evidence-based intervention. Summarize why the intervention is appropriate and realistic for the practice setting you chose. Consider the setting, cost parameters, etc. If the intervention is unrealistic, you may need to revise your PICOT before moving forward.
Expected Outcomes: Explain the expected outcomes of the proposed project. How are the expected outcomes related to your project objectives? The outcomes should flow from the PICOT.
Method to Achieve Outcomes: Outline the steps that are needed to achieve the outcomes.
Potential Barriers, Assumptions, and Limitations: Describe specific barriers that may be encountered. Discuss assumptions or limitations which may need to be addressed.
Outcome Impact: Describe the impact the outcomes of the proposed intervention will have on one or all of the following indicators: quality care improvement, patient-centered quality care, efficiency of processes, environmental changes, and professional expertise

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