Evidence-Based Mental Health Nursing Concept Paper

Evidence-Based Mental Health Nursing Concept Paper

Write a professionalfour to five page paper (not including the cover page or reference page), in APA format, on the identified disorder or behavior with the concept “anxiety.” You are to use primary sources (research articles) only, from 2011 to the present, with studies that have been done in the United States, United Kingdomand/or Australia. At least three of the research articles must include nurses as authors.
The paper must include the following:

1. Definition of the concept “anxiety” in regards to the disorder or behavior;
2. Analysis of the four research articles focusing on the concept;
3. Application ofthe concept to clients on a mental health unit; and
4. Discussion of how the concept is significant in mental health nursing practice.

The identified disorder or behavior will be distributed in class.

The paper is dueMarch 3, 2016.
Submit the final version of the paper (1) in TurnItIn, (2) in TaskStream, and (3) at the beginning of class a hard copy placed on the desk.
Submit a copy of each article with the hard copy.
Grading Criteria

See the Evidence-Based Mental Health Nursing Concept PaperEvaluation form in eCourses.
A total of 24 points is equivalent to a grade of 100. The grade will be recorded as your groupconcept paper grade. Everyone in the group will receive the same grade.

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