Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma

Project description
Read the ethical dilemma outlined below and, write an essay in which you analyze both sides of the issue fairly – making the strongest possible case for each “side” and explain which position you support, and why.

Your essay should have 4 paragraphs.
1. Introduction – explain the situation in your own words
2. Points in favor of Side A
3. Points in favor of Side B
4. Conclusion: your position and why you support it
**Your essay should be at least ¾ of a page, but no more than 1 page**

– single-spaced – in a 12 point font Arial or Times New Roman.

Ethical Dilemma: A few months ago, nearly a dozen senior-level, male executives at one of the Big Four accounting firms were accused of inappropriate behavior with regard to the company’s recently hired female staff. The executives were circulating an email rating the “top ten” new female accounting trainees on their looks, commenting on each other’s “picks”. A photo of each woman along with her name and department was included in the email. The email circulated throughout the company and has since gone “viral”. Many believe this is a form of sexual harassment and the company could be sued as a result of these executives’ behavior. A few years ago, the company was sued for sexual harassment by another female employee, who settled with the firm and was awarded over $2 million. Should the company fire these executives or not?

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