Equal Pay Act

Equal Pay Act
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TOPIC: Equal Pay Act
please upload a one-page, single-spaced topic proposal. please search for at least two sources related to the idea, develop a thesis statement, and a one-paragraph rationale for why the topic is relevant to managing human capital. Topics must be from the list provided unless we have communicated and decided on a different topic.

This is a formal, written assignment, but the format is free flowing and may use any narrative style to accomplish the objectives. At least one source must be an academic/scholarly source (peer reviewed journal article) and the other may be from anywhere legitimate (SHRM, textbook, trade journal, etc.). Given the vast amount of available research there is no value in using Wikipedia as a main source for this project.

Suggested, but not required, format for the assignment:

Topic idea
Brief summary of the two sources (one paragraph total)
Rationale for relevance
References in APA style on separate page

scholarly source:

Other source:

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