1. Choose a successful entrepreneur who has an interesting experience and write about his/her experience and how he/she reached this stage. Your story should address:
    The background of the entrepreneur, his motivation, the start of his business, the product he developed, what factors contributed to his success and growth. Word limit (450), 25 marks
  2. If you are currently employed, briefly explain what you do and provide details of a change that you can apply on the firm and would allow you to make a significant difference.

Your answer should provide a brief description on the firm, your current position, the change you plan to undertake and how this is going to make a difference for the firm. Word limit (350), 20 marks

If you are not employed, think of any corporation that you believe is having problems (could be a state owned enterprise, the schools where you studied, the café where you sit in), and explain what changes you are able to make to address these problems and make a difference!

  1. Discuss a recent invention that failed and explain why this invention was not able to survive. Word limit (300) mark 10 marks

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