Energy efficiency in existing houses

Energy efficiency in existing houses

This part tests your knowledge of K values and U values, thermal resistance and construction.

This part applies your knowledge of improvements that can be recommended for two subject properties in respect of their thermal insulation and energy leakage and /or requires you to locate a suitable property and subject it to the energy efficiency check that is available on the Energy Savings Trust website and comment on both the data required and results provided.

This exercise should only be completed once you have read the appropriate sections of the Construction Web Site and completed the relevant sections of the distance learning.

Much of the information needed can be sourced from the construction website but you MUST also draw on other sources where appropriate by citing a range of references using Harvard.  Examples of alternative sources can be textbooks, BRE documents, and material from the Energy Saving Trust or manufacturers of building products such as insulation or boilers.

1.    Explain the nature of U and K values, how they differ and their relationship with the notion of ‘thermal resistance’.

2.    Work out the existing U value for the side wall of both properties.

3.    With the aid of neat annotated sketches evaluate the appropriate options for insulating the side wall to each of the         properties.  Which approach would you recommend in each case, and why?

4.    A) With the aid of neat annotated sketches explain generally accepted good practice when insulating the roof in the following circumstances:

i.    Property A: As a cold roof but with decking for storage
ii.    Property B: As would be required as part of a conversion of the attics to include additional bedroom accommodation

B)Installing loft insulation will improve energy efficiency but can cause other expected problems.  Explain these and     illustrate how issues can be avoided.

5.    The Energy Saving Trust’s (EST) web site allows you to carry out a Home Energy Check. This is a simplified version of the Energy Performance Certificate. (EPC)


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