endocrine system

endocrine system

The endocrine system is composed of specialized tissues and organs penetrated by capillary networks.  Endocrine tissues and organs release signaling molecules (hormones) into the bloodstream.  Hormones have important functions in integrating multiple body systems and maintaining homeostasis necessary for life.

Select a single endocrine disorderyou are the least familiar with and complete the following table describing the disease.

Endocrine Disorder:
Enter disorder here
Primary insult to endocrine system (affected organ, primary/secondary disorder, hyposecretion/hypersecretion):

Effects on target organs or systemic effects:

Diagnosis – Symptoms, clinical signs, and findings of the disorder:

Complications and progression of the endocrine disorder:

Treatment of the endocrine disorder

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder that if poorly managed by the patient results with tissue and organ damage.
Name and briefly describe ONE complication of diabetes mellitus (Type I or Type II).

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