Endangered Species Act

Could the Endangered Species Act go extinct?

Explain the Endangered Species Act:

The law called endangered species act is the key law to protect and conserve the animals that are facing extinction in the entire world that was published since 1973. Due to the environmental damage by humans: animal’s habitats are being damaged, the hunting causing animals’s quantity decreased, it brokes the natural’s balance, there’s no law protecting animals in our nation while nixon was in charge.

Describe five case studies of organisms protected by the ESA. Use the following link: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Endangered-Species-Act-reform-could-threaten-10941796.php#photo-12252369

Species (image) Impact Stakeholders

Bald Eagles The bald eagle’s population is recovering due to the banning of the pesticide DDT. there’s only 105 paris in Washington, but today the population of the eagle increased eightfold which is a good sign. The eagle became the new popular place to visit in a place called Skagit.

Gray Whales Gray Whales along the Eastern North Pacific are a major recovery story. The great marine mammals live well. They winter in Baja California, and migrate up the West Coast to feeding grounds in Alaska’s Chukchi Seas. The Shell Oil’s company exposing those chemical substances into the ocean made the Gray Whales facing danger, which made them immigrate. Also the makah indians wanted to hunt the gray whales and started a argument with the society,

Grizzly Bears The federal agency recently held scoping sessions in Eastern and Western Washington on reintroduction of grizzlies to the North Cascades. Washington has a tiny population of grizzlies found in the Selkirk Mountains of far northeast Washington.

The Grizzly beats have been killed over 98% percent in the whole US, and the rest of the percentage is open for hunting Montana and Wyoming, and the governors at Wyoming and Montana are expecting the protection of the Grizzly bears will be over.

The Gray Wolf The grey wolf is under the protection of the federal endangered species act protection and reutreund within his own habitia washington at kettle range of northeast.
But since the withdrawal of federal protection has led to the officially encouraged slaughter of wolves in Idaho. A breeding female wolf was recently shot in the Teanaway River east of Cle Elum. State game managers wiped out a pack in northeast Washington that was killing stock.

The Western Black Rhinoceros officially declared extinct by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Due to the haunting by chinese traditional medicine market, the Western Black Rhinoceros was facing extinction. It’s population decreased from 70000 to less than 4,000 today. Due to the haunting by chinese traditional medicine market, the Western Black Rhinoceros was facing extinction.

Case Study: Northern Spotted Owl
Part 1: Logging vs. Northern Spotted Owl

Listen to this podcast: https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=3815722

Truax: http://woodfloors.org/truax.pdf


Explain the Spotted Owl Controversy

The argument is about the protection of the owls ‘ ancient forest habitat with those loggers who cut trees as their job.The Northern spotted owl has become one of the most intensely studied species in the world. Everyone knows that the spice is dark eyes. Owls are facing extinction in nature because their habitats are being attacked by humans, especially those joggers. However, the scientist came up with a solution that protects the owl and let the wood job keep up, but the fact is that the owl numbers are still continuing to dwindle, and the threats it faces aren’t all man made.

Barred Owl vs. Northern Spotted Owl

Read the following article and answer the question below.
The Spotted Owl’s New Nemesis

How should the Barred Owl and the Spotted Owl be managed? What would you expect the outcome to be and what helped you make your decision? What laws might be impacted by your decision?

First of all, the Barred Owl and the Spotted Owl are protected under the endangered species act that prohibits people from harming them. Every chick counts, because spotted owls are vanishing faster than ever.

Should the Endangered Species Act be changed?

Read the following article and research to answer the following questions:


Currently the new administration is looking to change the Endangered Species Act. What industries are lobbying for the Act to be modified? Are there any specific projects that are threatened by the Endangered Species Act? Explain.

The wolf’s numbers are increasing because of the Endangered Species Act, the farm is under attack and lost profits over 20,0000 dollars money. This act is helping animals that are facing extinction to help them to survive, it successfully helped many animals to thrive. But some animals surviving are dangerous and disadvantages for somes industries, such as the farm is doing kobjection to the gray wolf protection because it destroys their farm. Also many other industries are facing some difficulties with those animals that are protected by the law but still harmful to their industries. Such as the northern spotted owl versus loggers; the threatened desert tortoise versus burgeoning solar power; the currently unlisted sage grouse versus drillers and pipelines. Even though some industries are having difficulties, I think the lives are much more important than the money or minority industries. If those species are completely extinct in our earth, this would be a huge loss and a big damage to the earth environment.

How do you feel about the proposed “modernization” of the ESA?

I think ESA doesn’t need the modernization, because it might be an advantage from some humans’ profit, but it is bad news for those wild animals. In the history of ESA, it made an unbelievable remarkable achievement that saved 99% of the endangered species which is saying that it worked efficiently and it should be continued. Also I think the modernization of ESA is a choice that government made because it’s connected to their personal profit, this ESA is connecting to the entire animals chain, it should be a decision that made by scientist instead of the governments.

Bristol Bay and Pebble Creek:

Notes: Alaska Gold (56 minutes)


Describe the proposed Pebble Creek Project.

This Pebble Creek Project provided long economic advantages from employment and income in the state, it proposed to develop the pebble copper gold moulded porphyry deposit in the Alaska mine.


Describe the opposition of the Pebble Creek Mine Proposal.

The opposition of the Pebble Creek mine claimed that the mine poses a significant and unacceptable risk to downstream fish stocks, and could cause an environmental disaster if built. A majority of Alaskan residents, including 80% of the Bristol Bay region, and hundreds of businesses oppose the Pebble mine, an open-pit mining proposal that will endanger the world’s greatest salmon watershed. Alaskans and millions of Americans have spoken. The facts are clear. We are counting on our leaders to protect Bristol Bay’s salmon, jobs and way of life.The salmon now is still not under the protection. The proposed Pebble Mine has faced heated opposition in the Bristol Bay region. Opponents fear development of the mine and its sprawling transportation corridor would disrupt wildlife habitat and movement and present a risk for accidents like spills of toxic metals.

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