Employee retention

You own two restaurants in the Boston area with both being opened for about 11 years now.

You never gave employee retention a second thought up until recently as you are looking to rebound from the COVID pandemic.                                                         
You realize with lower margins that you need to be more strategic with retaining employees as you have little time to keep hiring and training new employees all the time.                                                          
You also want to save on hiring, job postings and training costs that come with new hires.                                                          
You have had some customers on your facebook page (which you PROMPTLY DELETE AND BAN THEM FROM POSTING AGAIN!!!) over the years complain about new hires not knowing your super awesome sophisticated MENUS                                                         
Your google reviews have also referred to your customer service as inconsistent (mostly due to new employees coming in and learning the ropes)                                                          


                                                        Points  Cumulative Points
1)  Put together a survival plot of your employees churn for both restaurants combined                                                  10  10

b   Run  a survival plot on each restaurant individually                                                    20  30

c   Based on your survival plots, describe each restaurants employee churn. Where are the inflection points for each restaurant.                                                    5   35

d   Based on your survival plots, where are the inflection points for each restaurant.                                                  5   40

2)  Run a box plot on employee tenure between each restaurant                                                   10  50

b   Based on your box plot, which restaurant looks more problematic in terms of employee retention and why?                                                 5   55

c   In your view, does your box plots comparing the restaurants retention add any additional information versus your survival plots? Explain your response.                                                 5   60

3)  Run at least 2 box plots on employee characteristics for the restaurant that is problematic                                                 20  80

b   Based on your box-plots, do you notice any troublesome patterns on retention of employees with select characteristics? Explain your response                                                    5   85

c   What solution would you recommend the restaurant undertake to solve the issue/s found in your box-plots (3b)                                                    10  95

4)  If you were hiring new employees, would you recommend the restaurants to offer higher starting wages or go after more experienced individuals for all new hires, why or why not?                                                    5   100

Extra Credit    Develop a Regression Model that Predicts Employee Retention Duration                                                    10  

    Let's say you have the folliwng new hires: based on your model, how long do you expect each to work at each restaurant (2 predictions for each hire)?                                                   10  

        Hire 1              Hire 2              Hire 3          Hire 4      
        Female              Male                Female          Male        
        12.00 Starting Rate             8.00 Starting Rate              18.50 starting rate         15.00 starting rate     
        Full                Part                Part            Full        
        21 YO               35 YO               55 YO           22 YO       
        1 years of Experience               10 years of experience              30 years of experience          0 years of experience       

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