Education psychology

Education psychology

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To answer this questions you should read chapter 7 to conclusion from this book:

Willingham, D. T. (2009). Why Don’t Students Like School? San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

the three questions is:

1. Watch Willingham discuss Learning Styles at

Many people believe that learning styles and multiple intelligences should drive classroom instruction to some degree. In fact, there are often in-service trainings provided to teachers about both topics and many books have been written about them. Yet, as Willingham explains, there is no scientific basis to their use in the classroom. What is your reaction to this information? When teachers use student learning styles and/or multiple intelligences to drive instruction, are they making their jobs easier or more complicated?

2. In the last section of chapter 8, Willingham discusses the classroom implications of having some students who will need to work very hard in order to keep up with the others. Based on that information, describe three specific measures you plan to talk in your classroom to help these students.

3. Willingham states that many teachers develop adequate skills and then do not strive to improve beyond that. Also, he describes several ways that teachers can try to develop a great level of expertise. List three of those ways that you plan to use and briefly discuss how you would carry out your plan for improvement of your skills.

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