Education and program evaluation

As a leader in education and program evaluation, you will have responsibilities relating to educational program evaluation. You will be expected to research and implement best practices when evaluating curriculum and instruction.

For this assignment, you will create an evaluation proposal for the program you selected in Week 6.

Note: Remember to refer to your Week 6 outline as you develop your evaluation proposal.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word evaluation proposal for your selected educational program. Your proposal should include the following components:

Part 1: Description of Program
• Summarize the purpose of the program you selected. Consider the stated goals and program funding.
• Describe the population served by the program. Consider the primary beneficiaries of the program.
• Summarize current assessment practices for students in the program. Consider formal and informal assessments.
• Summarize current concerns regarding the program. Consider costs, staff, student participation, current assessment data, etc.

Part 2: Evaluation Process
• Explain the process for conducting an evaluation.
• Consider the stakeholders needed to complete the program evaluation.
• Explain how data will be collected by your team.
• Consider the types of data to collect and appropriate strategies for the collection of student data.
• Describe measures to put in place to minimize bias and avoid ethical or legal concerns.
• Explain how the team will ensure the alignment of program goals with the evaluation process.

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