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“This is an investigation which I have already started. I try to assess the status of health of a fresh water ecosystem. What I want to do through this investigation will become clearer by reading what I have already done so far. I have already collected and processed the data for the ecosystem I am investigating. You need to write an EVALUATION in which you just need to compare them with some other data for the same indicators that I used, which you will need to find. This means you need to research the data from another ecosystem of the same type as mine, which is considered to be healthy and compare my results with those in order to assess whether the ecosystem which I investigated is healthy or not. Then write a CONCLUSION in which you state whether my results make the ecosystem that I looked at healthy or not, and eventually write how I could improve my method in doing this investigation and give suggestions for further research. I will upload the syllabus of my ecology course so that you can relate to it and write the evaluation on the base of what I have studied. This is the mark scheme for this kind of assessment: “

I will also reupload the same files

Now, these EVALUATION & CONCLUSION have been done very poorly and it will become clearer by reading at them: the data have been analyzed in the wrong way, there are some big mistakes that the writer has made in what he wrote, and It also seems that he didn’t look that much at the rest of the coursework before writing because if he followed the logic of the coursework he would have added other things which he didn’t, such as commenting on the “Biotic Index”. So please can you please revise just the Evaluation & Conclusion at the end of the coursework that one of your writers has written make it better according to the following things:

-Evaluation of results – how can your results be refined -through increasing accuracy, precision, consistency and intervals
-Compare your data to the expected result (remember to reference your expectation)
-Evaluation of method – strengths and weaknesses – hopefully you can draw a conclusion from your experiment. -Remember that rejecting your hypothesis is also a positive result! In science you learn from accepting or rejecting hypotheses. For each weakness that is identified, suggest a realistic improvement that you could do in the school laboratory
-Draw a conclusion – accept or reject your hypothesis (or there is a flaw in your experiment that makes the results inconclusive)
-Suggest a development for this work
-Suggest how you would go about this

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