Early adulthood

can be found here.
Task 1
After looking at your style, provide an in-depth answer to the following questions:

  1. Do these scores surprise you? Why or why not?
  2. What would you consider the advantages and disadvantages of these styles to be?
  3. What styles do you think would be most common in adolescence? Early adulthood? Adulthood? Why?

task 2

Based on your learning, what are some of the physical and cognitive changes that take place in early and middle adulthood.
If you consider yourself to be in this stage, incorporate some personal examples. Essentially, what changes have you experienced?
Also based on your learning, how would you say relationships change in early and middle adulthood from earlier periods in life. What are the differences in how women relate to each other and how men relate to each other? Please share personal experiences.
What are some challenges discussed in the assigned readings that impact young and middle-aged adults in the workplace? Specifically, how do the two age groups differ in their experiences at work? This is pretty evident when we think about the differences in millennials and baby-boomers, right?

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