Domestic violence

Interview 3 people about emotional abuse. This is a confidential interview so please do not identify the people
you interview by name, address, or personal relationship with you. You will need to do the following:
Identify the person’s age and gender (this is basic demographic data that may help us better understand the
Ask the following questions:
How do you define domestic violence?
How do you define emotional abuse?
Please give some examples of emotional abuse.
Do you think emotional abuse is as damaging as physical abuse? Why or why not?
Once you have completed your interviews please post the results.
Also post an analysis about the respondents’ answers. Postings that do not include an analysis of the
responses will lose points. Consider at least some of the following when writing your analysis:
The analysis should be more than whether or not you agree with the respondents.
Do all of the respondents have the same or similar definitions?
Does it appear that the respondents are focusing only on intimate partners or are they including all family
members in their discussions?
Are the respondents thorough in their definitions of domestic violence or are they leaving anything out?
Are the definitions/responses inclusive of all types of relationships or just marital ones?
NOTE: Do NOT ask the respondents if they have experienced abuse. Asking this question requires some very
special “set up” that we are not going to be doing for this assignment

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