Does their evidence seem compelling?

When citing only use name and page number like (Smith,16) no need for a reference page. do not use any outside sources.

  • What explicit or implicit arguments and assumptions is each article (at least for this week, they are all journal articles) making, and which specific parts tell you this?
  • To what extent do this week’s readings relate to each other? Do they share basic assumptions? Do any of them seem to contradict others? Do they cover entirely different and unrelated topics?
  • What additional information can help you interpret these selections? (For example, when it was published, or the journal it was published in, or the author’s field of study.)
  • What kinds of evidence do these authors use to support their arguments? (Be sure to look closely at their references.) Does their evidence seem compelling? What additional questions might you ask about the sources they use?
  • In what ways do the readings for this week challenge common conceptions about the European conquest of the Americas?
  • Which parts of this week’s readings do you find most difficult to understand, and why?

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