Diverse Lesson Plan

Create a Diverse Lesson Plan

The purpose of this lesson is to incorporate cultural diversity into a lesson. Go back to your cultural assessment piece. Using the cultural group you chose to compare to your own create a lesson that incorporates the culture you studied into the lesson.

This lesson should focus on an element of a culture you explored in your cultural self-assessment.
The lesson should explore a diverse culture in depth on an age-appropriate level.
The lesson can represent the cultures in the classroom as well as diverse cultures.
It should not involve a holiday or food

In your lesson Consider the following:

The nature of the learner. What do you know about the students’; attitudes, values, and beliefs; learning styles; need for structure; family/peer support groups; sense of ethnic identity, motivation, self-image,.
The teacher’s scholarly knowledge. What are the key concepts, skills, and understandings to be taught? What are the key questions and issues? What fact

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