Dissecting a Qualitative Research Report

From a recent (within 5 years) peer-reviewed journal, find an article in your area of interest that utilized the qualitative research method. Read and dissect the article using the following guidelines:


Problem Statement – Identify the background/rationale and research problem for the study.
Theory – Identify the theory the researcher(s) grounded the study in and describe the major research findings that support the theory. Next, list out the research questions or aims.

Participant(s) – Who or what was the population of interest and what sample participated in the study.
Data Collection Strategies – Identify out of the following which were used and then provide a definition. How these were used will be answered in the Procedures section.
Interviews and questionnaires
Audiovisual materials
Design – Briefly describe the research design or approach that was utilized (e.g., ethnographic or phenomenological approach). Provide a definition of the design and a rationale as to why the design was the most appropriate (i.e., connect the design back to the research problem to be addressed).
Procedures – Briefly describe the data collection procedures.

Identify who and how the data were analyzed.

Describe the findings of the study and discuss how it supports or refutes the theory presented in the literature review.
Ethical Considerations

Briefly discuss any related ethical or field issues that should be a consideration when collecting qualitative data?

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