Scenario: You are a probation officer or juvenile corrections officer tasked with making recommendations to a judge for a juvenile’s entire course of treatment. You can advise on the sanctions they should receive; the components of their correctional treatment; the programs, training, or institutions that should assist them; any alternatives or special conditions to consider, and; terms for their aftercare and transition back into the community.

Write a 700-1000-word narrative that outlines a correctional dispositional plan for a juvenile.

View 1 of the selected videos from the University Library.

Choose 1 of the following juveniles from the videos to use as an example case study for this week’s assignment:

Donovan from Second Chance Kids

Rolon from Second Chance Kids

Shawn from Juvenile Justice

Jose from Juvenile Justice

Manny from Juvenile Justice

Marquese from Juvenile Justice

Gina, from the Ch. 11 Critical Thinking Exercises #3 (p. 312-3)

Any of the juveniles from the Week 3 court session videos

Note: If you choose an example with a known correctional plan, do not propose the same plan from the original case study. Make your own recommendations for a different process for the juvenile’s treatment.

Complete the following in your recommended plan for the juvenile:

Summarize the outcome of the adjudication process and the disposition in this case.

Describe the treatment of the juvenile in this situation.

Explain the risk factors that need to be considered in the assessment of this juvenile.

Explain how the combination of factors considered in this case were connected and influenced the original outcome, if any.

List any additional information you would like to have before considering other correctional treatments for the juvenile.

Recommend 2 alternative correctional strategies for this juvenile: 1 that includes a correctional program that exists in your state as well as 1 other potential option.

Explain how you could monitor, measure, report, and support the juvenile’s progress through treatment.

Justify your plan with evidence that supports your recommendations.

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