Discussion: Restorative Justice

Discussion: Restorative Justice
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Dear Writer please use Restoring Justice fifth edition Daniel Van Ness and Karen Strong as one of your references. balance of book

M7 – Discussion: Restorative Justice
Fixers Bryony and Becca by FixersUK, on Flickr
Fixers Becca and Bryony, both students at Nottingham Trent University, are campaigning
to show how restorative justice can help victims of crime find closure and discourage
young people from re-offending.
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License by FixersUK
Are there cases in which restorative justice will not work? Does the theory behind restorative justice presume good faith on the part of all involved? Is that likely?

Is it possible to restore justice if one gets to understand the motivations of the criminal?

Discussion Tip:

Participate in this discussion by first posting a logical and thoughtful response to the questions posed by your instructor during the first week of this module. After posting your discussion to this topic during the first week of the module, you should return to this discussion area and post at least two responses to posts made by your fellow classmates during the remaining week(s) of the module.
A posting of at least 125-words is usually sufficient.
You should post fresh ideas that are thoughtful and well written while being sure to use correct spelling and grammar. Be sure to cite sources when putting forth opinions and facts of others.M7 – Overview and Reading Assignment
Topic Overview
In this module we start to bring all three pieces together, the criminal (now with a better understanding of her or his behavior), the victim and society’s plight for restoring balance between them. The student is asked, “Are there cases in which restorative justice will not work?” They then read the remainder of the Restoring Justice text in order to incorporate it into the second discussion about restoring justice with understanding of the perpetrator’s motivation. In the written assignment the student is asked to synthesize the readings, discussions and research and write about restoring justice while considering the victim.

Restoring Justice (remainder)

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