Discuss HRM practice in two different regions or countries and evaluate the factors which influence HRM practice in these regions or countries

Topic: Discuss HRM practice in two different regions or countries and evaluate the factors which influence HRM practice in these regions or countries

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Assignment title:
Discuss HRM practice in two different regions or countries and evaluate the factors which influence HRM practice in these regions or countries
Assignment brief

You are expected to provide a comparative analysis on HRM context and practice in two countries or regions as the evidence to support your arguments.

The questions have been developed to correspond to the class sessions in the second semester. However, this does not mean that the lecture notes from just these class sessions will be entirely sufficient to answer any particular question. In addition to the readings on HRM in particular countries/regions which are covered in the second semester,(countries, India, south Africa, Scandinavia, Germany, America and China.) the topics covered in the first semester may be relevant to the questions. It is expected that you will engage in wider reading around the topics and evidence in your answers.

Your answer must take the form of an essay of 2,000 words (+/- 200 words) excluding a list of references (a list of which must be included at the end of the assignment to indicate the sources used). You must state the word count on the cover sheet.

You are expected in your analysis to cover a range of material which may include books, journal articles, government publications, other published studies/reports, as well as ‘quality’ business magazines and newspapers.

General Guidance on Essay Writing

Essays should have a clear structure comprising an introduction, where the essay title or topic is introduced and content of the essay outlined; main body, containing the substantive evidence and discussion of the issues raised in the title (i.e. this is the main part of the essay); and conclusion, in which a summary of the main points arising from the essay and a conclusion regarding the essay title are outlined. It is often useful to use headings or sub-headings in the main part of the essay in order to focus on or discuss particular themes and to provide structure.

It is expected that essays will effectively identify the central issues raised in the title, demonstrate that these have been considered and researched and, importantly, discuss the issues at hand in an evaluative or analytical manner in such a way as to develop or construct a coherent analysis or argument. While part of the essay may consist of the relatively straightforward presentation of facts, figures and trends, the inclusion of evaluative analysis will therefore be encouraged.

It is vitally important that essays are based on and make reference to the sources and literature provided – it will not be sufficient to write merely on the basis of ‘common sense’ points or observations (although of course including some such points will be acceptable). Students will therefore need to undertake substantial preparatory reading and research before writing the essay, using the readings outlined and any additional materials that are seen to be relevant. Reference should be made to at least 5-7 readings or sources in writing the essay. If there is a particular issue or theme you wish to address, use the on-line or electronic search facilities in the Kingston Learning and Resource Center to search out relevant articles.

Essays must provide a wordcount.
3.3.6 Indicative Marking Criteria

Following the above points, the list below outlines the main parameters that will be used to mark the essays.

Presentation, Structure and Style
Is the essay clearly and laid out? Does it have a clear and logical structure with an appropriate balance between sections?

Is the essay easy to read? Is the essay concise and to the point rather than overly long and convoluted?

Have the key issues/tasks raised in the question been identified and addressed? Does the essay remain focused on the key issues?

Research and References

Is there evidence of the sufficient reading on the topic?

Are the arguments, assertions and analysis provided supported by appropriate reference to the views/research of academic theorists and practitioners?

Are the sources clearly and fully referenced using standard conventions, i.e. the Harvard system, footnotes or end notes?

Analysis and Evaluation

Have the implications of the issues under discussion been explored? Have different viewpoints been considered?

Is the approach analytical rather than purely descriptive?


Do the conclusions follow logically from the preceding analysis?

General considerations

Overall, does the essay do credit to the work of the writer undertaking the investigation and analysis? Does it demonstrate a thorough grasp of the issues under discussion and a professional approach to the topic, as expected at Level 5 of a Business Studies Degree?

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