Discrimination and Harassment in Hospitality

You write a case study based on your own experience related to an ethical issue within an organization; Your
case study will be submitted for a grade in parts throughout the term with the entire final document as the last
Please review these general tips and guidelines.
• Assume you are one of the leaders in the organization. Write with clarity and confidence on the topic based
on what you have learned prior to and during this course.
• Pretend that the audience reading this case study knows nothing about the situation or ethical philosophy,
decision-making, etc. Provide enough detail to give readers enough information to draw conclusions, but
remain succinct.
• Explain, as needed, the context, evaluate the evidence, and make a decision concerning the appropriate
course of action, and support your conclusion through arguments and counter-arguments.
• Take a clear and decisive position – What would you do in this case? What ethical decision-making
framework did you use? What most influenced your decision?
Part 1: Describe the case (3-4 pages):
• Identify the parties involved, their rights, their responsibilities
• Identify the salient ethical and/or legal issues of the case
• Identify the relevant factual issues, conceptual issues, social constraints, and any additional information
necessary for an accurate understanding of the case.
• If needed, conduct research about the issue from multiple perspectives and include relevant ethical theory,
legal requirements, and technical details about the case to ensure that the case can be solved.
Part 2: Critically analyze the case (3-4 pages):
• Identify the primary “ethical dilemma (or question)” in the case.
• Formulate possible courses of action.
• Discuss any role that information technology or context played in creating the special circumstances of the
• Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of those actions.
• Analyze different courses of action, are they based on a consequential or non-consequential approach? Are
these courses of action ethical?
• Weigh the pros and cons of each action.

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