From the list below, you will choose 2 of the following online interviews to watch from ABILITY Magazine’s
ADA30 Summit in celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act. At least one of the interviews must be from
those written in red. (You may use two of the interviews in red. But you may not use two of the interviews
written in black.) The interview links are listed below:
● Judy Heumann – https://youtu.be/SZWRZVG66Gg
● Day Al-Mohamed – https://youtu.be/gACpRWjtl9A
● Edlyn & Diego Pena – https://youtu.be/cAO7y5598BY
● CJ Jones – https://youtu.be/lVKZhQcZyWg
● Matthew Wangeman – https://youtu.be/vwiz8eqVw9o
● Michelle Nario-Redmond – https://youtu.be/lFwEi6ioV8Y
● Andy Imparato – https://youtu.be/J-cerZzs1Hs
● Lateef McLeod – https://youtu.be/c5n8LmafsTY
● Lydia X. Z. Brown – https://youtu.be/IBiYygsZzq8
● Jonathan Mooney – https://youtu.be/iEAwSmx_5cQ
A culture plunge can be defined as exposure to a culture that is different from our own and, in this class
specifically, the culture of disability. For this modified disability culture plunge, you will experience the culture of
disability by watching/listening to 2 interviews and comparing/contrasting their experiences and their messages
with each other, and connecting them to course content. The expectation is for you to take the ideas we have
presented in readings and lectures and reflect on how those concepts apply to the people in these interviews.
You will demonstrate mastery of course concepts by responding to the prompts/questions below in the required

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