Diplomacy as they relate

Task: please read the article below, then post a brief analysis of it (maximum 400 words) in the activity forum as soon as you are able.
Then proceed to the respond section.
Respond: In the activity 5 forum please post comments on the analyses provided by other students on the text, and revisit those completed for activity 3 by
yourself and/or others (this will allow you to further develop your initial analyses of these sources, including related articles). You should critically explore the
claims being put forward, the assumptions (explicit or implicit) that underwrite these claims and the implications for theory and practice that emerge from
the article.
Comment constructively in no more than 400 words on how comparing the different interpretations have helped improved your own understanding of
diplomacy as they relate – to whatever degree – to your chosen essay question. Particularly focus on whether these articles challenge any of the arguments
you plan to develop in your essay. For example, do these interpretations provide a challenge to different theoretical approaches, or do the articles challenges
some of the conclusions you draw from your other reading.
Outcome: You will be able to critically compare the content of a number of scholarly articles as they relate to your examined component.

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