Digital Marketing For Brand Awareness

PowerPoint presentation to help other directors in the scenario understand the importance of digital marketing for brand awareness. Create detailed speaker notes, for each slide. Specifically, you need to address the following criteria:

How will you use digital marketing to enhance brand awareness ? (slide 1)
Identify two digital marketing methods that can be used for brand awareness and support with reasons. (slides 2–3)
Define short-term and long-term goals for brand awareness in the digital marketing strategy.
How will you determine the balance between the digital and traditional marketing?
How will the identified methods help you reach the target audience?
How will you measure the performance of your marketing efforts?
Use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve search performance. (slides 4–5)
Identify five keywords you will use to improve web search performance, and justify your strategy for keyword selection.
How will you redesign or rewrite the content of your website to support SEO strategy?
Describe the inbound marketing efforts. (slide 6)
How can they help in brand awareness?
Define the required content strategy for inbound marketing.

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