Devil wears Prada movie review

Many movies have addressed venture creation and the behaviors and skills associated with entrepreneurship and fundraising. For this assignment, you are to prepare a review of a movie relevant to Entrepreneurship. You may select a movie from the list in the syllabus or another with the approval of the instructor. Each student must select a different movie. You are welcome to be creative in your selection. The review is be a minimum of three (3) pages (single space or 1.5 line spacing) and not to exceed five (5) pages. It will consist of:

A summary of the most critical themes and scenes of the movie (30%); this may include relevant background and purposes of the screenwriter, producer, director and/or others involved in making the film. It would be appropriate to include reports of how the movie influenced others.

An analysis of the movie relevant to the course material (60%). For example, how does the book compare and contrast to class lectures, to the Entrepreneurial Mindset, to in-class exercises, to elevator pitches, etc.? Please take the grade percentage distribution seriously. Analysis weighs in twice as heavily as summary. (I’m going to attach the class lectures and the definition of elevator pitches and the entrepreneurial mindset)

An expression of opinion regarding the quality and appeal of the film and the contribution it makes or does not make to your learning objectives for this course (10%). Do you feel it will add to your success in business or life? Do you recommend it to others?

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