Developing an Implementation Plan

Developing an Implementation Plan

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pproval and/or support for your project to be implemented. These stakeholders are considered your audience.

Develop an implementation plan (1,500-2,000 words) using the “Topic 3: Checklist” resource. The elements that should be included in your plan are listed below:

Method of obtaining necessary approval(s) and securing support from your organization’s leadership and fellow staff.
Description of current problem, issue, or deficit requiring a change. Hint: If you are proposing a change in current policy, process, or procedure(s) when delivering

patient care, describe first the current policy, process, or procedure as a baseline for comparison.
Detailed explanation of proposed solution (new policy, process, procedure, or education to address the problem/deficit).
Rationale for selecting proposed solution.
Evidence from your Review of Literature in Topic 2 to support your proposed solution and reason for change.
Description of implementation logistics (When and how will the change be integrated into the current organizational structure, culture, and workflow? Who will be

responsible for initiating the change, educating staff, and overseeing the implementation process?)
Resources required for implementation: staff; educational materials (pamphlets, handouts, posters, and PowerPoint presentations); assessment tools (questionnaires,

surveys, pre- and post-tests to assess knowledge of participants at baseline and after intervention); technology (technology or software needs); funds (cost of

educating staff, printing or producing educational materials, gathering and analyzing data before, during, and following implementation), and staff to initiate,

oversee, and evaluate change.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines. An abstract is not required.

NRS-441V: Capstone Project
Topic 3: Checklist
Developing an Implementation Plan
This checklist is designed to help students organize the weekly exercises/assignments to be completed as preparation for the final, capstone project proposal. This

checklist will also serve as a communication tool between students and faculty. Comments, feedback, and grading for modules 1-4 will be documented using this


Task Completed Comments/Feedback Points
Developing an Implementation Plan
• Explains method(s) of obtaining necessary approval(s) and securing support for proposal. _____ / 10
• Provides thorough description of current problem, issue, or deficit requiring change.
_____ / 20
• Provides detailed explanation of proposed solution. _____ / 20
• Discusses rationale for selecting proposed solution. _____ / 10

• Discusses rationale for selecting proposed solution.
• Incorporates evidence from review of literature in Module 2 to support proposed solution.
• Provides a detailed description of implementation logistics.

• Identifies resources required for implementation (Staff, education materials, assessment tools, technology, funds, etc.).
• Assignment formatted according to APA.
• Word Count (1,500-2,000).


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