Developing a workplace sustainability policy

Developing a workplace sustainability policy

Part A: Theory review and application

1.    List and describe three legislative requirements and codes of practice (or industry standards) that impact on your industry in relation to sustainability.

2.    Identify a relevant industry association for your organization. Access their website and provide an overview of two environmental initiatives that have been developed for your industry.
Western Australia, Department of Environment and Conservation

3.    Identify a source that you will need to contact to obtain more information; for example, a government department or an environmental expert. List contact details and the type of information they can provide that will help you develop your policy.

The Green Guide, a guide to help buy and use environmentally friendly office equipment and is published by the Australian Government and available on its website.
phone : 1-888-582-5438
email: [email protected]

4.    Why is the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999(Cth) so important?

This Act is the Australian Government’s major environmental legislation. It provides a legal framework to protect and manage nationally and internationally important flora, fauna, ecological communities and heritage places – defined in the Act as matters of national environmental significance. The Act enables the Australian Government to provide a national scheme of environment and heritage protection and biodiversity conservation.

Obtaining copies of the relevant legislation and guidelines of the reporting required by the regulators will assist in policy and procedure development.

5.    Complete the following. Note, you should reproduce the table to allow for complete responses.

Stakeholder    Their role in the development of your organization’s sustainability policy    Consultation methods you would use
Shareholders    Procedures and policy
Unions or industry associations

6.    For both of the following, describe how you would promote initiatives associated with a workplace sustainability policy:
•    Employees
•    Community

7.    What information might a SWOT analysis give you to help you develop an effective sustainability policy for the organization?

8.    Describe your role in helping the organization show commitment to the environment and sustainability.

9.    Your organization is about to introduce a new policy to reduce power usage. What are some promotional activities you could do to raise awareness?

Part B: Case study

1.    What issues would have been considered in defining the scope of the policy?
2.    What sources of information would have been accessed in planning the policy?
3.    What legislation, codes of practice and standards have been considered?
4.    List the stakeholders who would have been considered in developing the policy.
5.    Does the policy reflect the organization’s commitment to sustainability and the environment? If so, why? If not, why not?


role: employee

Assessment activity 2
Part A: Theory review and application

1.    Why is it crucial to let stakeholders know about your sustainability policy? Describe the consequences if this is not done.

2.    List the skills a manager needs t have to communicate effectively. Give examples then list at least fie tips for developing these skills.

3.    Consider your organization and the introduction of a sustainability policy.
a)    the key internal stakeholders
b)    the key external stakeholders
c)    what you would include in a presentation to the staff in your area in relation to the policy, the procedures and activities to be carried out; the impact on staff and the responsibilities that they will have to take on board in terms of quality and the responsibilities that they will have to take on board in terms of quality and the responsibilities that they will have to take on board in terms of quality assurance; ensure you incorporate any OHS issues in your response.

4.    Outline the presentation to your supervisor or some stakeholders and obtain comments from them. Attach the comments to your outline and indicate whether you would adjust the outline in response to the comments.

Part B: Case study

1.    Describe the strategies you would use to promote and communicate the new policy and procedures to the 2,000 employees who are now located in the on building.
2.    What strategies would you recommend for ongoing awareness of the initiatives that gave been put in place?
3.    Suggest four relevant key performance indicators that may be put in place for employees.
4.    Select one of the initiatives from the bulleted list and complete a table similar to the following.
Green initiative:
Outcomes expected
Activities to be undertaken

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