Developing a cost-effective IMC campaign



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Developing a cost-effective IMC campaign
In Module 4 Case Study Assignment, you were asked to formulate IMC strategy for American Red Cross that must address the following issues/elements:
1. Briefly define Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) for
the Task Committee
2. Briefly define discuss economic, ethical, legal, regulatory, and
social issues related to related to prospective donors
3. Outline ARC donor characteristics, behaviors, and how would
you influence their behavior
4. Discuss the promotional tools you would use in the proposed
Based on the same case scenario develop a cost-effective IMC
campaign for American Red Cross (ARC) to address the funding
deficit. Please formulate an 8-10 page paper (not including the cover page, abstract, and sources list page). Your Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Plan

for ARC must include:
Executive Summary
1.0 Marketing Communications Objectives
2.0 Situation Analysis
3.0 Research [This section should include the research tools, mediums, and points of emphasis for the campaign. Discuss past research and on-going research that can be

used to help with the evaluation of the campaign].
4.0 IMC Campaign Strategy
4.1 Outline the overall strategy.
4.2 How and why it should be effective to accomplish the marketing communications objectives.
4.3 Discuss how you intend to message the stakeholders and
target audiences and why it makes sense to do so in the manner you have selected.
4.4 Identify why key stakeholders will act favorably or unfavorably to messaging
4.5 Identify potential challenges
4.6 Donor segmentation strategy, rationale for the recommendations
4.7 Conclude this section with a fully develop the creative strategy statement.
5.0 Creative Brief
5.1 Reiterate the overall communications objectives and more clearly define communications objectives that will support the main objectives.
5.2 State the actual features and benefits of the disaster needs services offered by ARC.
6.0 Advertising
6.1 What mediums for each target donor audience?
6.2 The objectives
6.3 The media plan
6.4 Timing of the communications
7.0 Direct Response Email and Social Media
7.1 Objectives and execution strategy of emails and social media.
7.2 Call to action
7.3 Frequency
7.4 Testing performed, what will be tested and how that testing may affect the email/social media message and delivery.
8.0 Public Relations
8.1 Public relations message
8.2 Educating the donor audience about the strategy associated with that the IMC Plan
9.0 Donor Response Measurement Strategy
9.1 Donor engagement and response strategies
9.2 The measurement objectives, how will it be measured
10.0 Budget
10.1 Budget outline
10.2 Details of how and when the money will be spent [develop a spreadsheet by month by medium and time (month, week, quarter)
that will allow for dollar placement in each specific cell to make it easy for the reader to understand the complete picture].
11.0 Measurement and Evaluation
11.1 Explain all of the measurement and evaluative tools.
11.2 Measurement and evaluation objectives
12.0 Recommendations
13.0 Conclusions
Writing expectations include competency in the following:
1. Sentence Structure
2. Verb Tense and Agreement
3. Pronoun Use
4. Possessive Use
5. Punctuation
6. Spelling
7. Focus and Organization
8. Thesis Statement & Conclusion
Use a minimum of 5-6 sources from an academic database


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