Develop a domestic rain water captivating system and associated policies for Cape Town


Assignment contents

The research briefing paper should be written as a technical report intended for other members of your group.

You should state the purpose of the report and how that fits with your team project;
summarize your findings from the research and your recommendations on this topic for the group project; and
your recommendations should be supported by your research findings and relevant to your client.

The report must include an executive summary of up to 300 words. The executive summary is worth 25% of the total marks for the assignment.

You must show familiarity with the literature relating to your topic (for example, scholarly journal articles).

You must reference the work of other people (sufficient information for someone to find the source) and have a bibliography (reference list). APA6 is the preferred referencing style. The Library has a comprehensive guide to citing:

Use tables, diagrams and other images that will add to the document. Figure headings and tables should be concise and referenced if necessary.

Marks will be deducted for unattributed similarity in reports to other sources or previously submitted work. This includes diagrams, images or tables which must be fully referenced.
Assignment length

The report should be 2,000 words excluding the executive summary, bibliography and concise figures and tables.

The executive summary should be not more than 300 words.

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