Deontology and Consequentialism

Deontology and Consequentialism (most often referred to as Utilitarianism) are two of the primary schools of ethical decision-making. After completing this week’s readings and viewing the videos, discuss why you consider yourself more of either a ‘deontologist’ or ‘utilitarian.’ Also, consider the following situation: You are walking through the woods and come to a clearing. You see 10 people standing at gun point. For our purposes, you know they are all equally innocent people (none deserve to die more than any other). The men with the guns inform you that they want you to pick one person that will die and then they will let the other 9 go free. If you do not choose, they all die. There are no other options such as choosing yourself (though a noble choice) or defeating the gunmen. Will you choose? If so, how? If not, how do you justify your decision?

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