Demography Country profile (Comparative Analysis) Iceland and Georgia

Topic: Demography Country profile (Comparative Analysis) Iceland and Georgia

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MDC= Iceland LDC= Georgia

You will select one LDC (Less Developed Country, so-called developing country) and one MDC (More Developed Country, so-called developed country), and compare and contrast demographic trends in each. You may choose one from the following MDCs (You may not choose the United States): Australia; Austria; Belgium; Canada; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Iceland; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Japan; the Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Portugal; South Korea; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; and the United Kingdom. At a minimum, your report should include a discussion of common demographic measures such as fertility, mortality, migration, life expectancy, age and sex structure, etc. Please remember that you are to write a country profile term paper, and that you are taking a Demography class. Your paper MUST focus on demographic trends.
Your data sources may include World Population Data Sheets, United Nations Demographic Yearbook, and World Bank data. As for resources on the Internet, you may refer to the websites such as Population Reference Bureau (, United Nations (, the World Bank (, International Data Base (, and official websites of government agencies such as Embassy/Consulate offices, Department (Ministry) of State, Department (Ministry) of Labor, Department (Ministry) of Foreign Affairs, etc. Because of the possible inaccuracy and bias, Wikipedia and similar websites (e.g.,,, etc.) are NOT acceptable as a data source!

• Use a page size corresponding to the U.S. letter size (8.5“ x 11”).
• The margins should be set to one inch on each side.
• Use the Times New Roman font and 12-point font size.
• Your country profile term paper should include a cover page (1 page), an abstract (1 page),
content (about 8 pages double spaced), reference pages (1-2 pages), and graphs, charts,
tables, etc. (if any).
• A cover page is required, which should include the following: the title; your name; course number; course name; name of the professor; department name; school name; and the date of submission.
• An abstract of 100-150 words must accompany your term paper on a separate page.
• Insert page numbers on the lower right.
• Visual aids (graphs, charts, maps, tables) always help readers understand the contents of your
results. You are strongly encouraged to construct graphs, charts, maps, and/or tables.
• Type each graph, chart, map, or table, on a separate page. Insert a location note such as (TABLE
1 ABOUT HERE) or (FIGURE 3 ABOUT HERE) at the appropriate place in the text. Then,
attach graph, chart, map, or table at the end after the reference pages.
• For references, be sure to make proper citations using the American Sociological Association (ASA) reference style. Non-compliance with the ASA reference style is subject to point deduction (up to 20% from the points earned).

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