Data sources

Explain what is already in place for data collection and analysis and how your process will improve it. Analyze these sections. Ensure that you have academic research on what other scholars and researchers have discovered about how the problem has been analyzed before. (Be as detailed as possible and use the Analytics Strategy Template to check your work.

  1. Stakeholders and Users

Ensure that you consider a variety of health care agencies that provide services.
Fully analyze and describe all stakeholders and their interests.

  1. Process and Data

Explain data sources. Describe the two sets of data you will be analyzing to provide information to the organization.
Set into place the process for collecting and analyzing data in the future. NOTE that you will need to identify your dependent and independent variables. (Hint: for the purposes of this class, it will be more achievable to concentrate on one of each. It would also help to develop a framework for the process.)
What processes need to be in place for data quality?
How does your data and data collection process link back to business processes and the organization’s strategy?
Conduct a gap analysis. (Note that the gaps you find should be addressed by your new process).

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