Data Center Computing Environments

Data Center Computing Environments

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In today’s competitive data center computing environments, keeping customer business applications and data on-line and accessible is the foundation of overall system uptime. Whether it be database back ends, web servers, network file systems, operating systems, storage systems, e-mail servers, user directories and others, outages can be catastrophic.

In coping with such outages the typical approach involves implementing various fail-over and high availability solutions in the data center, which are costly and demand skill. Fail-over clusters involve pooling together multiple computers, each of which is a candidate server for hosting file systems, databases or applications. Each of these systems monitors the health of other systems in the cluster. In the event of failure in one of the cluster members, the others take over the services of the failed node. The takeover is typically performed in such a way so as to make it transparent to the clients accessing their applications and data.

As salient technologies such as Cloud Services, Big Data, NoSQL and Mobile Computing become widely adopted, it is apparent that fail-over and high availability solutions can be more effective with cross data center replication. For our last forum discussion, you are to describe and discuss:

– What is Cross Data Center Replication

– Cross Data Center Replication Architecture

– High Availability/Fail-Over Cluster Models

– Replication Topologies and Infrastructure

– Replication Directionality and Parallelism

– Replication Scheduling

– Synchronous and Asynchronous Replication

– Replication Conflict Resolution

– Performance Impact

– Cross Data Center Replication Frameworks and Tools available

– Anything else you would like to include to this discussion topic.

Be sure to include references to the literature reviewed, and to cite these references in-context. Follow the APA Reference and Citation Style.

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