Data are incredibly valuable in deciphering target markets.

• What are some of the possible sources of data for a strategic planner trying to understand her organization’s market and its segments?
A good amount of attention is given to what individual customer-patients value when they are receiving health care services.
• What is most appreciated by the customers of an organization that sells products or services only to businesses?
Think of a company that offers medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and physician practices.
• List four (4) features that would be important to such customers, and explain why you believe they are important.

  1. It is important that corporate strategies have synergy with its SBUs for sustainable competitive advantage.
    • Identify the ways in which the corporate center may facilitate synergy among its SBUs.
    • Explain the concept of “sustainable competitive advantage.”
    • Compare and contrast the four generic business strategies defined by Michael Porter.

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