Briefly describe the overall goal of your PSA:
Your overall goal should either involve bringing awareness to an issue or promoting a change in behavior.
Briefly describe the target audience for your PSA.
Your audience should guide the creation of your PSA. Think about who they are (age, interests, opinions, influences, etc.), what they expect, what they know and understand, what they don’t know and understand, and how to convince them.

Write a paragraph that explains and details the current situation regarding your topic. Include at least 1 fact from a source.
Write a paragraph that explains why it is important for people to know about this topic. Include at least 1 fact from a source.

Project Requirements
o Topic appropriate for a PSA
o PSA goal
o PSA specified audience
o Summary of the current situation of your topic for your PSA
o Explanation of validity of solution or behavior promoted in PSA
o Explanation of why people need to understand the issue
o List of sources
o List of facts
o PSA video

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