Cyber Security

Write a 4 page documented paper comprised of the following sections:

Research how a MD5 Checksum can be used to indicate if any changes have been made to an individual file.
What is the MD5 Checksum and how do you calculate it?
Why is the MD5 Checksum always the same length no matter how big the file size?
How can a MD5 Checksum be used to prove the chain-of-custody in a forensic investigation?
What other kinds of checksums are available and which kind is best for insuring file integrity?
Perform a hands-on investigation of the MD5 Checksum.
Read the article
and learn how to verify the MD5sum using the Windows command prompt or the Terminal program if you are a Mac user.
Be sure you are displaying file extensions on your computer before do the following.
Using Notepad (or Mac’s TextEdit), create a simple text file with your name in it and save it as Two.txt.
Find and record the MD5sum. Open the file and change just one letter in it.
Re-save it and then find and record the MD5sum.
Now copy the Two.txt file and name the file Two-copy.txt. Find and record the MD5sum.
Copy copy the Two.txt file again and name the file Two.jpg. Find and record the MD5sum.
How does changing a file name or file extension affect the MD5 Checksum?

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