Curatorial Paper

Curatorial Paper
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Each student curator is required to produce a formal research paper for their particular “room.” This is much like a museum catalog paper or chapter providing a specific research argument about the exhibition to add to a catalogue (I suggest that you look at a recent museum exhibition catalogue for writing samples). These individual research papers must form specific arguments connecting the choice of artworks to the theme utilizing academic research to support all arguments made. The research paper also stands alone from the exhibition allowing the exhibition to emphasize the points developed in the paper but without direct reference between the two elements.

The paper should begin with an introduction to the theme being considered and rationale for selecting works. A strong thesis statement will lead the paper into discussing works of art, analyzing them in connection with the theme that you have chosen comparing, contrasting, and supporting your argument. The paper must then include a conclusion and must have proper citations throughout in MLA format.

The paper should be between 5-7 pages. This paper may be incorporated into the exhibition, but you must consider the method of delivery as 5-7 pages of text is unlikely to be read by the average museum-goer. If you wish to combine this with your museum project, consider cutting out bits of useful information to display with the works that you have chosen.

A draft will be due during week 5 and the final will be due on the last day of the term. It is important to have an initial draft early as it will inform the exhibition, and allow time for feedback from the instructor and your peers before your final submission.

Week 2 Assignment
Exhibition Project Proposal

Thesis: Religion has impacted art and influenced society since the beginning of western civilization. My goal is to show representation of religion in art, and how it varies in different eras. We live in a culture with many different religions and beliefs. I will show my audience that though we are different art appreciation is a common interest in all cultures.

I will be using Google Sites to create a digital artwork experience.

1. Bronze Doors – Saint Michaels – Hildesheim: shows scenes from the Book of Genesis
2. Hard stone group statue of Ramses II with Osiris, Isis, and Horus
3. The Amphipolis Mosaic: Kastas tomb depicting the abduction of Persephone by Hades
4. Egyptian sculptures depicting their gods.
5. Church architecture
6. Roman Isis Sculpture
Church Architecture in course reading

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