Cupid and Psych

1.) Cupid and Psyche called their relationship a “marriage,” but Venus makes a big deal about their relationship
being a “misalliance” and not a marriage. Can a couple be “married” without legal approval? How important is
a formal, legal marriage to you?
2.) The modern reader is squeamish over Cupid (as an invisible force) taking Psyche’s virginity. Did he rape
her? Is it possible for the modern reader to celebrate their marriage in the end, knowing it started in this
3.) Cupid told Psyche not to try to discover his identity. Should one know EVERYTHING about his/her romantic
partner? Is “full disclosure” the best thing for a relationship? Are you comfortable disclosing everything about
your past to your spouse? What about private thoughts? Does your partner have a right to know your every
thought? Would that help/hurt a relationship?
4.) Venus almost wrecks her son’s relationship with his great love. (Psyche’s sisters were also not helpful.)
How much input/influence should a person’s parent(s)/relatives have on his/her romantic choices? Cupid saves
the day in the end, but what did you think of him when he escaped to his mother’s bed to recuperate from his

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