Culture Assignment

The United States is a culturally diverse country and we as nurses must be prepared to be advocates for all patients suffering from a mental illness no matter what culture they may be a member of. Mental illness is not a respecter of any culture or social standing. While in lecture we discuss the framework of mental health nursing that is largely grounded in western cultural ideas and theories. A large part of the world and the population of the USA have roots in very different traditions. Your assignment is to draft a letter that could be sent to a newspaper editorial section advocating for the ethical treatment of mentally ill citizens from a specific culture other than your own. Include statements about how this cultures view of mental illness differs from the norm in the USA, explain how treatment options might need to be altered to provide the best care for these people. In the body of your letter include how the current mental health system might be failing this culture and offer solutions. Mention how these people would view mental illness in their native countries. This assignment is to be completed in APA format, the body of the letter should be 1 ½ to 2 pages long, not counting reference page. Two references other than your text book must be included. Your topic needs to be approved by the instructor prior to you starting the project.

Culture Assignment Rubric
Student Name___________________________Date___________________
1. ______(4 pts) Explore the cultural aspects of your chosen culture
2. ______(3 pts) one full page
3. ______(5 pts) explore how this culture might face difficulty receiving adequate mental health treatment in the US
4. ______(5 pts) Identify how your chosen culture would likely deal with a suicidal patient, what special challenges this might pose for mental health care givers/ nurses
5. ______(4 pts) Insightful response to at least two peers posts, more than just “good job”
6. ______(4 pts) 2 references other than a psychiatric textbook in APA Format, cited in body of letter.

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