Cultural safety

  • Define cultural safety. Be sure to introduce why the provision of culturally safe care is important for Indigenous Peoples, provide background information on Indigenous Peoples health, history, media and other sources.
  • Explore cultural safety in healthcare using key literature from professional, current, relevant, quality literature featuring Indigenous Peoples.
  • Identify a healthcare scenario where Indigenous person did not seek healthcare due to fear of facing discrimination.
  • Identify related guidelines, CNO standards, values, and/or competencies that guide the professional nurses practice in the provision of cultural safety when working with Indigenous patient, family or community in your scenario.
  • Connect your understanding of the Indigenous determinants of health with culturally safe practice
  • Identify the TRC calls to action related to ‘health’ and identify nursing behaviors / actions that ensure cultural safety
  • Discuss how the student nurse will incorporate cultural safety knowledge/behavior/care into future nursing practice with Indigenous Peoples
  • Identify 3-5 strategies to improve the healthcare of Indigenous Peoples related to cultural safety and include any ways the nurse could influence policy or change in practice.

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