Cultural Experience Report

For this assignment you will engage with the Humanities in your local area in some way, either through visiting a local cultural venue or interviewing someone who is a professional in the Humanities, such as a locally known artist, musician, author, or religious leader, or a director of an art museum or community arts center etc.
Please choose one of the options below.
Option #1 Visit
For this option, attend one venue from this list during the current semester. Please do not write about something from the past.
• art museum or sculpture garden
• significant or notable architectural site (if there is explanatory material there to help you understand it)
• music concert
• dance performance
• theater play
• poetry or book reading, author event, or spoken word performance
• Film festival or presentation of a film by an academic author or cinema expert
• religious service, ceremony or ritual for a religion different from yours, if you practice (for instance, if you are a Baptist Christian, you should go to a Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or different denomination of Christianity’s (Catholic, Lutheran etc.) service).
• cultural festival or arts festival
• other venues may be acceptable. Check with your instructor for approval beforehand.

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