cultural dimensions

What cultural dimensions from the (Links to an external site.) are being demonstrated in your classmate’s examples of the elements (be sure to justify your answer with examples)? What other factors might influence the receptivity of the message?
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“In Canada common marketing campaign involves integrity and pride. A specific example of this campaign would be from Molson, a Canadian Beer Company in their campaign “A Taste of Who We Are”. An example of symbolism and representation in Canada in their advertisements and branding is red and white colors as well as red maple leafs on their beer cans. I think they also show Canadian values by showing an older, more original style of lettering that was commonly advertised international in the 70s. In the “A Taste of Who We Are” campaign they wanted to show the diversity of Canada by having six people say I Am Canadian in six different languages in order to open a beer fridge. This campaign also involves voting a Canadian based on virtue to win one of 150 Molson Canadian beer fridges.”

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