cultural differences between countries

cultural differences between countries

The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to utilise your skills and knowledge to research the cultural differences between countries. The assignment is based upon comparing and contrasting the culture in two different countries.

Length: 2500 words (plus unlimited appendices)

To undertake this assignment acquire data on the two countries from sources such as personal experience, the University, the Internet, travel books, Government embassies, Chambers of Commerce and export advisory bodies by collecting obtain data on what you feel are relevant topics that provide knowledge about a country’s national culture.

Assessment criteria:
1. An ability to utilise sources such as the Internet and University library facilities to search, locate and summarise data relevant to the assignment
2. An ability to utilise appropriate academic theories on national cultures that can provide a framework for analysing an overseas market.3. An ability to develop an effective comparison of the national culture within the two countries, which have been selected.
4. An ability to present a well written, well structured report
5. An ability to critically analyse information, formulate conclusions and exhibit original thought.

Please Note:
I have attached a SAMPLE from my lecturer. Please choose 2 differences countries to compare and contrast the national cultures. Discuss 3 dimensions in the assignment. You can also find some dimensions of the countries from this site aswell or you can either use your own findings whatever will be suitable for the assignment.

Please use academic references and references from government website only. (At least 20 references)
Use short Direct Quote only for definition

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