Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Cultural and Ethnic Studies
watch 3 dramas, “The Slave Hunters (Chuno for only 1 and 2 episodes, 2010, DF)” and “Jewel of the Palace for only 1episode, 2003, VK)”, and “Damo (Tea Servant) for only1 episodes, 2003, VK).


Also for readings, There are 2 readings which is Kim and Hwang.
For Kim reading, page 137-149
For Hwang reading, page 80-87

So you need to make 5 questions total.

one study question for The Slave Hunters(chuno)
one study question for Jewel of the Palace
one study question for Damo (Tea Servant)
one study question for Hwang reading
one study question for Kim reading.

when you write down question on the paper, you need to mention which question its from. For example) Study Question for Hwang reading, Study Question for Damo (Tea Servant), etc.

Study questions are supposed to be your own suggestion of discussion topic in a format of question, one that can have multiple possible answers (Not yes/no factual questions), and one that is analytical and can elicit critical responses when asked. Please write critical and awesome study questions.
When the professor grading the paper, she consider the most point for analytical and interesting point. Must deliver me on time!

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