Crisis Intervention


Suppose you are faced with a terminally ill client with AIDS who is in a great deal of pain. The client indicates to you in a calm, reasonable way that he/she is going to drive out to an isolated spot in a state park, drink a thermos of margaritas, take out her 9 mm automatic, make an audio tape telling her family how much she loves them and how she doesn’t want to be a burden on them, and then kill herself.

Suppose that you had run a five minute crisis intervention session.. With the following criteria in mind

According to the role of the counselor focused on Crisis Intervention

  1. What did you do? (One paragraph)

a. How do you feel you did?

  1. Explain if your moral view of AIDS and suicide affects session (One paragraph)

a. Why

  1. According to Tarasoff, explain the case. (One paragraph)

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