Criminal investigation that involved digital forensics.

Final project on a digital forensic topic or on a criminal investigation that involved digital forensics.
final project topic – a brief 150 – 200 words summary explaining about project, what are the investigation used. what are digital evidences used

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  • Investigation of a data breach: This could involve analyzing the data that was stolen, identifying the methods used by the attackers, and determining the extent of the damage.
  • Forensic analysis of a malware attack: This could involve identifying the malware, tracking its spread, and recovering any lost data.
  • Cyberbullying investigation: This could involve analyzing social media posts, text messages, and other digital evidence to identify the perpetrators and victims of cyberbullying.

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  • hild pornography investigation: This could involve identifying and locating images and videos of child pornography, and tracking down the people who created or distributed them.
  • Intellectual property theft investigation: This could involve identifying the stolen intellectual property, tracing its path to the perpetrators, and recovering any lost profits.

Here is a brief summary of a criminal investigation that involved digital forensics:

In 2013, the FBI investigated a cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. The attackers stole terabytes of data, including personal information about employees, unreleased movies, and financial documents. The FBI used digital forensics to analyze the stolen data and identify the attackers. The attackers were eventually traced to North Korea, and the United States government imposed sanctions on the country in retaliation.

Here are some of the digital evidence that was used in the investigation:

  • Emails between the attackers
  • Chat logs from the attackers’ online forums
  • IP addresses of the attackers’ computers
  • Malware used by the attackers
  • Metadata from the stolen data

The digital evidence was used to build a case against the attackers, and they were eventually convicted of cybercrimes. This case demonstrates the importance of digital forensics in investigating and prosecuting cybercrime.

For your final project, you could choose one of these topics or come up with your own. You would need to conduct research on the topic, gather digital evidence, and analyze the evidence to answer your research questions. You would also need to write a report that summarizes your findings and conclusions.

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